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Candle Favor Poems
Here is a candle that glows so bright
its given to you for you to light
when our little one has made its way
to celebrate the joyous day

Here is a candle that glows so bright
its given to you for you to light
upon the arrival of our little boy
to celebrate our day of joy

Here is a candle that glows so bright
its given to you for you to light
upon the arrival of our little girl
to spread our happiness to the world

Here’s a candle for you to light,
Once the stork has made its flight.
With the flicker of the flame,
Say a prayer in the baby’s name.
author unknown

A little candle for you to light,
Once the stork has made its flight.
The flame will glow to celebrate,
Baby _________’s arrival date.
author unknown

This is a gift for you today,
So when I’m born you’ll light my way.
And when the happy day is here,
Burn this candle and spread good cheer.
author unknown

Here is a candle for you today,
To light when baby is here to stay.
When you light it’s flickering flame,
Say a prayer in baby’s name.
author unknown

Here is a candle for you to light
Once the stork has made her flight
The flame will glow to celebrate
Babys Name‘s arrival date
author unknown

Diaper Cake Poems

Here is a cake made with love,
though I wouldn’t call it yummy.
For the ingredients used go on the baby,
not inside your tummy.
Flour, sugar, milk, and eggs
will make a cake so sweet,
But diapers, booties, and baby socks
will make a handy treat.

Here is a cake for your special day,
Because the stork is own her way.
It’s filled with lots of things for you,
On the outside, and inside too.
Place them in your diaper bag,
So all the necessities you will have.
For the big day soon will come,
When you can show off your little one!
Written by ~ Laura Kaye ~

Baby cakes are so much fun,
they’re sure to delight a new mom.
Filled with things from A to Z,
So many things a baby needs.
Diapers, toys, powders, and pins,
Wonderful times will soon begin!
Written by ~ Laura Kaye ~

Here’s a special gift I made just for you.
I didn’t have to sew or even use glue.
It’s filled with lots of things you see,
But most of all with love from me!
Written by ~ Laura Kaye ~

6 cloth diapers, you can wash every day
6 more diapers, you can throw away
Fold in 1 bib, in case baby should dribble
Add in 4 socks, to cover toes as they wiggle
Fold in 1 shirt (onesie), to keep in the heat
Bind with 4 pins, to keep the cake neat
Written by ~ Tami Enos ~

Take 2 cloth diapers, you can wash every day
Add 6 disposable diapers, you can throw away
Fold in 2 blankets, to keep baby cozy
Add in 4 socks, to cover their toesies
Add in 1 shirt, to keep in the heat
Fold in 1 bib, to make cake complete
Then bind with 4 pins, to keep the cake neat
Written by ~ Tami Enos ~

Wishing Well Poems

Diapers, bottles, clothes galore,
we have some but still need more.
If you could pitch-in to help with these,
The parents-to-be would sure be pleased.
With your donation, your name please don’t tell,
it’s just a little contribution to our wishing well.
– author unknown

Baby wipes, teething rings, diapers galore,
onesies, bibs, books, blankets, binkies and more.
If each guest would bring just one of these
Our new mommy and baby would surely be pleased.
No need to wrap it, your name don’t tell,
She’ll find the essentials in her Wishing Well!!

A* Anbesol B* Bibs C* Clothes Pins
A shopping spree from A-Z
To add a little extra glee
And help the baby and mom-to-be
Please bring a little extra
from your heart
to help them fill the
alphabet shopping cart
**Thanks for helping fill the shopping cart!
(You could suggest letters on the invitation.)

A tisket, a tasket,
something small for baby’s basket!
From the top of his head,
to the tip of his toes,
baby products are needed,
every mom knows.
Shampoo and booties
and for in-between,
wet-wipes and q-tips,
to keep baby clean.
If you could provide an item like these,
Our Mom-to-be and baby sure would be pleased.
submitted by Kelly

Boo Boo Bunny Poems

Boo-Boo Bunny Poems
Boo Boo Bunny is here today,
To help your boo boo go away.
This funny, fuzzy, furry friend,
Will cool the hurt to help it end.
She’ll make the ouch go bye-bye fast,
So hold her until the pain has passed.
And when the boo-boo is all through,
She’ll still be here to play with you.
author unknown

No matter how we try
There’s just no way the boo-boos
Will ever pass us by
So I’m your Boo-Boo Bunny
I’ll hold a cube of ice
Then put me close to where it hurts
And I’ll make it feel real nice.
author unknown

I’m the Boo-Boo Bunny.
I turn sad faces into funny.
To keep your hand from getting cold,
Don’t unwrap or unfold.
Just put an ice cube in my shell,
And I will make your boo-boo well.
author unknown

If a boo-boo has you feeling crummy,
Stick an ice cube in my tummy.
Hold it to your boo-boo tight,
Soon everything will be alright!
author unknown

Hi, I’m the Boo-Boo Bunny and I’m here to say,
When a child gets a boo-boo I’ll help it go away.
Just place an ice cube on my back and rest it on the bump,
Then let them hold the bunny until there is no lump.
author unknown

When the tears begin to flow,
From a bruise or bump or blow,
Boo-Boo Bunny is so nice,
In its tummy holding ice,
Gently soothing all the while,
Sadness turning into a smile.
author unknown

Throughout the years of growing
No matter how we try
There’s just no way the boo-boos
Will ever pass us by
So I’m your Boo Boo Bunny
I’ll hold a cube of ice
Then put me close to where it hurts
And I’ll make it feel real nice
author unknown

Daddy’s Diaper Toolbelt

When it’s time for Diaper duty
You’ll have your tools at hand
Everything you need
So mom will think you’re grand.
Gloves, and mask, and tongs,
diapers, pins, and powder too.
Everything you need
For all the work you’ll do!
Your Diaper Tool Belt will assure
That you do the duty right.
So that precious little baby
Will go back to sleep each night!
(c) Birdiekity – Jan 2002

Seed Packet/Flower Poems

A little plant in a pot,
please keep it in a sunny spot.
Give this plant your care, my dear,
A living reminder of someone near.
A beautiful baby bundled in layers,
please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you for support and love,
As we welcome our gift from God above.

Here are some seeds and a little clay pot.
They are a lot like a baby believe it or not.
Both of them needing special care and love.
Fragile new lives sent from above.
Each time you see them be sure to remember,
every day is a gift and God is the sender.
Take your seeds home,
give lots of love to show,
and when ________ has her baby,
you can watch them all grow!

The Tiny Seed
Each day God sprinkles a million seeds
into his garden of life.
Some will land in weeds and clay,
but most in the soil of a loving husband and wife.
God will give the tiny seed
most of what it needs to grow
But the rest must come from the soil,
and the soil is us you know?
So if you are lucky enough to receive
a tiny seed from above,
Nurture it with kindness, faith, happiness and love
Then, not long before you know it
your seed will begin to sprout.
And a strong beautiful blossom
will soon find its way out!
written by Connie Fuller

A little seed for me to sow
A little earth to make it grow
A little hole, a little pat,
A little wish, and that is that.
Add some sun and then, a flower
And thanks to you for the lovely shower.
written by ~ monica ~

Please plant these seeds
And watch them bloom,
Just like Baby (last name)
Who will be here soon!
~ author unknown ~

Keepsake Bonnet Poems

I’m just a little hankie
As square as square can be
But with a small stitch or two
A bonnet I will be.
I’ll be worn from the hospital
Or on my christening day
And after that be folded
Then carefully put away.
When on that future wedding day
So we’ve been always told
The well dressed bride must always
Wear something that is old.
So what could be more fitting
Then to find little me
And with a few fine stitches snipped
A wedding hankie be.
And if perchance it’s a boy
Someday he’ll surely wed
Then his bride can have the hankie
Once worn upon his head.
author unknown

This little gift is meant to bring joy
Whether the child be girl or boy
It’s just the size for a little newborn
When home from the hospital the hat is worn.
Now when the baby is fully grown
The future of the hat will be known.
It’s a hankie made of fabric so fine
And meant for the wedding at some future time.
For the girl it will serve for “something old”
For the boy, it’s for his lovely bride to hold.
I hope this gift brings delight and cheer
Because after all, it’s for the baby dear.
author unknown

A tiny square of Linen
And a dainty edge of lace
Designed into a bonnet
To frame a Baby’s face
After Baby’s worn it
Fold and tuck away.
It will become a hanky
For Baby’s Wedding Day.
If the Baby is a Boy
On the Day he would marry
This will be “something old”
For his joyful bride to carry.
author unknown

A special little hanky
Of cotton pure and white
Becomes a blessing bonnet
When stitched and fashioned right.
Once worn upon a precious head
Then carefully tucked away
With stitches freed, is used again
For good luck on the wedding day.
author unknown

I thought this Hanky was all I was to be,
but then some simple stitches made a bonnet out of me.
Please wear me from the hospital or on your Christening Day,
then I’m ready to be gently wrapped and neatly packed away.
When comes your Wedding Day,
as always we’ve been told,
to be the well dressed Bride,
you need that something old.
So what would be more fitting then finding little old me,
just snip my simple stitches
and your Wedding Hanky I’ll be.
And if by chance you are a boy,
someday you too will wed.
So to your Bride you can present,
this Hanky once worn upon your head.
author unknown

I’m just a little baby bonnet
as cut as cute can be
I was home made for my mommy
because she loves and cherishes me
Perhaps you are a little boy
someday you too will marry
how sentimental for his bride
a hanky she can carry.
author unknown

I am an heirloom bonnet
as special as can be.
A present for someone dear
to wear on Christening Day.
When baby grows to wed,
I’ll be by your side
as a dainty little hanky
for the blushing bride.
author unknown

At first a hankie – small and white,
Folded square and stitched just right,
A baby bonnet was made of me,
So a family heirloom I could be.
Worn home from the hospital or on Christening day,
I’m pressed with care then packed away,
When the lovely bride needs something “old”,
They’ll snip my threads and I’ll unfold.
author unknown

For a special baby
Loving thoughts and nimble hands
Created this little bonnet
Of fine lace and ribbon bands.
At first it was a handkerchief
But with some stitches small,
A bonnet was made for downy head
To be admired by all.
Mother will carefully store it,
And gently pack it away
Years later, she’ll take it out
Before her daughter’s wedding day.
She’ll snip the tiny stitches
Place it in her daughter’s hand
To carry, as a hanky, down the aisle
And receive her wedding band.
Mother’s son will find good use
For the square, when he’s a young man
He’ll give it to his sweetheart
When he asks her for her hand.
author unknown

Baby’s Piggy Bank

A brand new little baby
Needs blessings from above.
And lots and lots of pennies
To fill baby’s bank – with love.
Babies are God’s precious gifts
Given to warm our heart.
Let’s fill baby’s piggy bank
To give baby a wonderful start!
(c) Bidiekity – Jan 2002

1st Album/Scrapbook Poem

This album is given with love today.
A new precious life is on the way.
Pictures are memories of days gone by.
Trust me, the days, weeks and years seem to fly.
Take lots of snap shots – one here and one there.
Your album is something your baby will share.
A child so sweet and so nice to hold.
Each page of your album a story is told.
Have fun with your album and make each picture last.
Remember your album will soon be your past.
written by Anna Dounelis

Keepsake Bible Poem

A Light, A Key, A Friend

This little Book is like a light to guide you on your way,
In the night when it is dark or on a stormy day.
This little Book is like a key to unlock truth for you,
Revealing all that’s good and bad and all that’s false and true.
This little Book is like a friend, next to your side to stay,
At this time when you are young, and on your wedding day.

Baby’s Memory Jar (Box)

Decorate a big jar or a box for a baby (maybe with the theme of the nursery). Inside, place a note pad and a pen. Attach one of the following poems:

Baby books are great ideas,
but sometimes you’re too busy.
Living with a little one
can put you in a tizzy.
Milestones pass too fast at times
to find the proper page.
So, jot a note of each event
with date or baby’s age
(like “Took 3 steps on May the 1st”
or “Teething — 5 December”)
then drop it in this Memory Jar (Box)
to help you to remember!

As children grow, they learn to speak,
And have so much to say.
They crack us up and make us smile
Each and every day. All the things they do and say,
We think we will recall.
But as they age, so do we,
And we don’t recall at all!
So HEAR it, WRITE it, DROP it in –
That’s all you have to do,
To help remember the things they did,
And WHAT was said by WHO!

General Invitation Poems and Wording

Bottles, booties, diapers, pins,
This is where the fun begins.
Baby _______ is on the way,
Let’s celebrate before the big day!

We’re throwing a shower for Mom’s name
We hope that you can come
and join us at the party
It’s sure to be lots of fun.
We’ll be playing games and chatting,
and for goodness sake,
We need someone to help us
eat all this yummy cake!
written by Marsha Roberts

We’d like for you to come over
and help us celebrate,
the birth of our new baby,
we think (s)he’s really great.
We thought you might like to come,
and rejoice in baby’s name’s birth,
and see that (s)he’s the cutest thing,
anywhere on Earth!
written by Marsha Roberts

You’re invited to attend a
Parenthood Preparation Party!

_____________ is on the way,
so please reserve this special day.
It’s a shower for __________.

In celebration of the anticipated arrival of
___________’s baby girl/boy,
please join us for a shower!

There is a little one on the way!

Boyish in Blue? Precious in Pink?
We don’t know ’cause s/he didn’t peek!

Bottles, bibs, blankets, and booties
Diapers, late nights, and parental duties
It’s almost time for the glorious hour
Come celebrate with us at
Surprise Baby Shower!

Here we go again we are left without a clue
What color it will be for baby number two!
Please help us celebrate the anticipated arrival
Of the newest member of the
_________ Family

Babies are special whether girl or boy!
Come join us in showering
With special gifts for the expected bundle of joy.

Come join the celebration
We have much anticipation
Of the wonder and the joy
Of The _________’s baby boy!

Oh what a thrill,
It’s a cookout on the grill!
Come join the celebration
We have much anticipation
Of the wonder and glory
Of the _________’s baby boy!

You’ll be jumping for joy
When you find out who’s having a baby boy!

My first grandchild,
Come share in a baby shower for my daughter…

A baby boy/girl
Will be showered this day
It’s a surprise
Please don’t give it away.

A beautiful treasure,
more precious than gold.
My own baby boy/girl,
To love and to hold.

A basket full of sunshine,
A house full of joy.
What could be sweeter,
Than a new baby boy.

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
how I wonder what you are.
A little girl or a little boy,
either one will bring great joy

Twin Shower Invitations

Two by two, here they come,
having twins is so much fun.
______ and ______ are on the way,
come celebrate before the big day!

We’ve just found out that
Babies sometimes come in Two!

Double the hands and double the feet
We’re getting ready for double no sleep!

Two little babies from heaven above
God is blessing us with twins to love!

Twice the dresses, twice the curls
lets celebrate our precious twin girls!

Twice the footballs and tonka toys
lets celebrate our precious twin boys!

Twice the babies to love and teach
we are having one of each!

Two little babies, oh the joy!
Imagine that, a girl and a boy!

Two baby boys/girls
Will be showered this day
It’s a surprise
Please don’t give it away.

Twins are gifts from Heaven above,
two by two, they come wrapped in love.

Dear Lord, above
We thank you for each daughter’s love
And now once more
We have been blessed
With a new bundle of happiness…
A baby Boy!

Bring a Book

As (Mother-to-be’s name) due date is coming near,
We’re inviting friends and family dear.
To choose a favorite story or fairy tale
That you would like Baby ________ to hear.
Instead of a card, please let (mother-to-be’s name)look,
At your special choice of a book,
and then to Baby _________ she will read
With all the love a newborn will need.
So with a personal touch, please choose a book
And in it then your name do put.
It need not cost more than a card
Just pick a favorite, it shouldn’t be hard.
author unknown

I want to be a bright child
As smart as I can be.
That is why I’m hoping
My mom will read to me.
If you plan to bring a card
Please take another look,
I would like to learn my ABC’s
From your favorite storybook.
Please sign your name
As your personal touch.
Baby ________ thanks you
Beary, beary much.

Or replace the last paragraph with the following:

Please add your name and a note
Then I’ll know you’ve done your part.
Some day I’ll surely thank you
From the bottom of my heart.
~ author unknown ~

Although cards are nice
They’re read once or twice
Maybe three or four times at best
A book is a treasure
Forever and Forever
So instead of a card
To be put aside
Please give the little baby
A book with your name inside
It will be read to our little tyke
Before bed each night
And we will thank you
Forever and Forever!
~ submitted by Erin, Thanks! ~

A card is nice, its sentiment sweet,
But a book will keep baby on her feet.
For years to come, baby will read
Longing for stories will never be a need.
A shelf full of wisdom for all to give,
For baby to keep as long as she shall live.
Filling the shelf should not be hard,
If you would please sign a book instead of a card.

Old Mother Hubbard Poem

So (Mother’s name) won’t be Old Mother Hubbard
Let’s help her stock her cupboard
Just ONE little thing
We’d like you to bring
Use the first letter of your name
And bring something the same
Mashed carrots would be nice
So would bananas or rice
Jars would be grand
Bring your own brand
No need to mask it
Just drop it in the basket!

For example: Alice – Applesauce
Betty – Bananas
Connie – Carrots

Bring Diapers

To add a little extra glee
and help the parents-to-be,
Please bring a little extra
from the heart.
An unwrapped pack of diapers (any size),
To give them a good start!


All poems courtesy of Showers Are Fun, others were written by Marsha Roberts and Baby Shower Central, unless otherwise stated. If a poem is listed as “author unknown” and you know who the author is, please let me know so I can give proper credit.