Baby Shower Invitations

General Invitation Wording
Twin Shower Invites
Bring a Book
Mother Hubbard Invitation
Bring Diapers

General Invitation Poems and Wording

Bottles, booties, diapers, pins,
This is where the fun begins.
Baby _______ is on the way,
Let’s celebrate before the big day!

We’re throwing a shower for Mom’s name
We hope that you can come
and join us at the party
It’s sure to be lots of fun.
We’ll be playing games and chatting,
and for goodness sake,
We need someone to help us
eat all this yummy cake!
written by Marsha Roberts

We’d like for you to come over
and help us celebrate,
the birth of our new baby,
we think (s)he’s really great.
We thought you might like to come,
and rejoice in baby’s name’s birth,
and see that (s)he’s the cutest thing,
anywhere on Earth!
written by Marsha Roberts

You’re invited to attend a
Parenthood Preparation Party!

_____________ is on the way,
so please reserve this special day.
It’s a shower for __________.

In celebration of the anticipated arrival of
___________’s baby girl/boy,
please join us for a shower!

There is a little one on the way!

Boyish in Blue? Precious in Pink?
We don’t know ’cause s/he didn’t peek!

Bottles, bibs, blankets, and booties
Diapers, late nights, and parental duties
It’s almost time for the glorious hour
Come celebrate with us at
Surprise Baby Shower!

Here we go again we are left without a clue
What color it will be for baby number two!
Please help us celebrate the anticipated arrival
Of the newest member of the
_________ Family

Babies are special whether girl or boy!
Come join us in showering
With special gifts for the expected bundle of joy.

Come join the celebration
We have much anticipation
Of the wonder and the joy
Of The _________’s baby boy!

Oh what a thrill,
It’s a cookout on the grill!
Come join the celebration
We have much anticipation
Of the wonder and glory
Of the _________’s baby boy!

You’ll be jumping for joy
When you find out who’s having a baby boy!

My first grandchild,
Come share in a baby shower for my daughter…

A baby boy/girl
Will be showered this day
It’s a surprise
Please don’t give it away.

A beautiful treasure,
more precious than gold.
My own baby boy/girl,
To love and to hold.

A basket full of sunshine,
A house full of joy.
What could be sweeter,
Than a new baby boy.

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
how I wonder what you are.
A little girl or a little boy,
either one will bring great joy

Twin Shower Invitations

Two by two, here they come,
having twins is so much fun.
______ and ______ are on the way,
come celebrate before the big day!

We’ve just found out that
Babies sometimes come in Two!

Double the hands and double the feet
We’re getting ready for double no sleep!

Two little babies from heaven above
God is blessing us with twins to love!

Twice the dresses, twice the curls
lets celebrate our precious twin girls!

Twice the footballs and tonka toys
lets celebrate our precious twin boys!

Twice the babies to love and teach
we are having one of each!

Two little babies, oh the joy!
Imagine that, a girl and a boy!

Two baby boys/girls
Will be showered this day
It’s a surprise
Please don’t give it away.

Twins are gifts from Heaven above,
two by two, they come wrapped in love.

Dear Lord, above
We thank you for each daughter’s love
And now once more
We have been blessed
With a new bundle of happiness…
A baby Boy!

Bring a Book

As (Mother-to-be’s name) due date is coming near,
We’re inviting friends and family dear.
To choose a favorite story or fairy tale
That you would like Baby ________ to hear.
Instead of a card, please let (mother-to-be’s name)look,
At your special choice of a book,
and then to Baby _________ she will read
With all the love a newborn will need.
So with a personal touch, please choose a book
And in it then your name do put.
It need not cost more than a card
Just pick a favorite, it shouldn’t be hard.
author unknown

I want to be a bright child
As smart as I can be.
That is why I’m hoping
My mom will read to me.
If you plan to bring a card
Please take another look,
I would like to learn my ABC’s
From your favorite storybook.
Please sign your name
As your personal touch.
Baby ________ thanks you
Beary, beary much.

Or replace the last paragraph with the following:

Please add your name and a note
Then I’ll know you’ve done your part.
Some day I’ll surely thank you
From the bottom of my heart.
~ author unknown ~

Although cards are nice
They’re read once or twice
Maybe three or four times at best
A book is a treasure
Forever and Forever
So instead of a card
To be put aside
Please give the little baby
A book with your name inside
It will be read to our little tyke
Before bed each night
And we will thank you
Forever and Forever!
~ submitted by Erin, Thanks! ~

A card is nice, its sentiment sweet,
But a book will keep baby on her feet.
For years to come, baby will read
Longing for stories will never be a need.
A shelf full of wisdom for all to give,
For baby to keep as long as she shall live.
Filling the shelf should not be hard,
If you would please sign a book instead of a card.

Old Mother Hubbard Poem

So (Mother’s name) won’t be Old Mother Hubbard
Let’s help her stock her cupboard
Just ONE little thing
We’d like you to bring
Use the first letter of your name
And bring something the same
Mashed carrots would be nice
So would bananas or rice
Jars would be grand
Bring your own brand
No need to mask it
Just drop it in the basket!

For example: Alice – Applesauce
Betty – Bananas
Connie – Carrots

Bring Diapers

To add a little extra glee
and help the parents-to-be,
Please bring a little extra
from the heart.
An unwrapped pack of diapers (any size),
To give them a good start!