Fun Baby Shower Action Games

1. Pin the diaper on the baby
Using a large posterboard and a magic marker, draw a large picture of a baby. On a separate piece of paper, draw and cut out a picture of a diaper (or bottle, pacifier, rattle, etc) and stick double sided tape on the back. Blindfold your guests and have them try to stick the bottle on the baby’s bottom. The person closest to the intended target wins.

2. Pin the diaper on the baby boy 
This is a gag game, so make sure mom-to-be is in a mood to be messed with before attempting. Set the game up the same as above, only this time ask mother-to-be (or daddy-to-be or anyone else you’d like to play a joke on) to go first. After putting on the blindfold, have someone sneak up on mom and spray her with a small water gun, to prepare her for the “surprises” we get when changing a baby boy’s diaper!

3. Bottle bowling-
Set up 10 baby bottles in a triangle shape starting with 1 in the front (might work best in a hallway type area). Give guests a tennis ball or other small ball, and have them try to knock down all 10 “pins”. Person with the best score wins.

4. Bottle ring toss
Take the nipple rings off several baby bottles. You can either set up some sort of container (like a baby bathtub) and have guests toss the rings into the container from a fair distance away, or make it horseshoe style by having them try to toss the rings around a bottle nipple (very difficult!)

5. Stuff your shirt
Award a prize to the person who can fit the most balloons under their shirt (don’t blow the balloons up too full for this or you might not get many people fitting more than one).

6. Pregnant belly races
After having guests stuff their shirts, as mentioned above, have them race around the yard while not letting any balloons fall out.

7. A day in the life of mom 
Also known as Distractions
Give guests a series of challenges to complete (diaper the baby, fold laundry…) and have guests shout out distractions (such as the phone is ringing, dinner is burning, the baby woke up). Time the guests to see who completes their challenges the quickest.

8. Feed the baby
Hilarious game, especially at couples showers. Have one partner be “the baby” and the other partner be the parent. See who can feed an entire jar of baby food, using a small spoon, to their partner the fastest. For added laughs, make the “parent” hold the spoon in their mouth while playing and make them hold their hands behind their backs! You’ll want to take pictures of this one!

9. Balloon pop/action
Write different actions on several small pieces of paper (such as eat a jar of baby food, or drink soda from a baby bottle). Insert the papers inside a balloon, and then inflate the balloon and tie. Have guests pop the balloons by sitting on them then complete the challenges inside. If you would like to make teams, have one person pop the balloon and the other person perform the action. You may time the guests to determine a winner.

10. Craft making
Have guests decorate t-shirts/onesies for the baby using puff paints and markers, or have them put together a scrapbook for baby.

11. Baby hot potato
Played the same as the traditional hot potato game, only using a baby doll or stuffed animal as the potato. Start a timer and have guests pass the baby around the circle, and whomever is holding the baby when the timer sounds is out. Last person in the game wins.
Variation – instead of having the person holding the baby be out of the game, make them give a bit of advice, or tell a special memory about the parents-to-be

12. Baby song musical chairs
Musical chairs, to baby music! You’ll need to get a cd/tape of baby music beforehand, and have a tape/cd player handy. Set up less chairs in the middle of the room than you have players, and have them walk in a circle around the chairs while you play the music. Abruptly stop the music and have guests scramble for a seat. Those left standing are out of the game. Remove one chair after each round and award a prize to the last person left in the game.

13. Pack your bags
Have guests compete to see who can pack a diaper bag (or luggage bag) with many different baby items the quickest.

14. Charades
Always a party hit! Write down baby themed actions (such as changing a diaper, burping baby, baby’s first doctor visit) on small pieces of paper. Fold and put in a hat. Have guests take turns drawing an action out of the hat, then trying to act them out appropriately. You can play in teams if having a couples shower, or simply award points to the people who guess correctly.

15. Carve a baby
Give each guest a small piece of soap and a dull carving utensil (knives can be dangerous). Have them do their best job at carving a baby out of the soap bar.

16. Don’t drop baby (water balloon toss)
Definitely best as an outdoor game. Fill up water balloons (several for each guest) and have each guest pick a partner (great for couples parties). Partners take turns tossing the water balloons back and forth trying not to drop them. Prize awarded to the couple who goes longest without dropping all their babies.

17. Scavenger hunt
Have guests hunt around for a list of baby items. First person/team to return all the items wins.

18. Pass the pacifier
Give each guest a pencil/pen. Instruct guests to put the pencils in their mouths, and keep their hands behind their backs. Place a pacifier (the kind with the loop) on one players pencil, and have the players pass the pacifier from one person to another, around the room, without using their hands. If a player drops the pacifier, they are out of the game. Winner is the last person left in the game.

19. Pass the bottle
Played like the game above, however guests transfer a baby bottle around the room with the bottle under their chins or between their knees.

20. My water broke
Give each guest a water balloon, and have them place the balloon between their knees. Pair guests into teams if desired. Have the guests run or walk without dropping their water balloon. Once a balloon is dropped, that player/team is out of the game.

21. Teddy bear kiss
Pass a teddy bear, or baby doll, around the room and have each guest kiss the bear. After everyone has kissed the bear, have them kiss the mom to be in the exact same spot they kissed the bear.

22. Diaper stacking
Have guests compete to see who can stack diapers the highest without them toppling.

23. Pins in rice
Hide very small safety pins in a bowl of rice. Without looking, have guests try to pull as many pins out of the rice as possible.

24. Time capsule
Instruct guests to bring an item to the shower for baby’s time capsule. Have guests write a letter, and place their item in the time capsule, then put away for safekeeping until baby is older.

25. Diaper races
Have guests race to see who can properly diaper a baby the fastest while blindfolded.

26. Be the baby
Choose one guest, usually the father-to-be, to be the baby. Have guests take turns performing actions such as dressing/feeding/burping the baby.

27. Plant a tree
A simple activity. Have guests pitch-in to plant a tree in baby’s honor. Very nice to watch the tree grow along with baby.

28. Watermelon baby
Have enough watermelons on hand for each guest or per team. Provide things such as markers, tape, glue, paper, scissors, fake hair, etc. Have guests decorate their melon and award a prize for the best baby.

29. Belly Casting
Allow guests to participate in making a belly cast for mom, and help decorate the finished product.

30. Pictionary

31. Bottle drinking races
Have guests race to see who can drink soda/water from a baby bottle the quickest.

32. Bobbing for pacifers
Fill a large container with water or substance such as pudding or oatmeal. Place several pacifiers inside the water/mixture and without using their hands, have guests try to retrieve as many as possible with their mouths.

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