60 Free Writing and Non-Action Baby Shower Games

1. Word search
Make your own word search puzzle, print it out and have guests try to solve.

2. Crossword
Make your own crossworld puzzle, print and have guests try to solve.

3. Test your baby IQ
Write or print a list of trivia questions concerning babies and parenting (we will have a list for you to print soon) and award a prize to the guest(s) with the most correct answers. Keep an answer key handy so you will know the answers yourself!

4. 5 and 10
Give guests 10 seconds to name 5 things in a selected category (such as baby food flavors, baby bath items, things in a diaper bag, things moms tell their kids). To make it more challenging, have a set list of replies on an answer key and only award points when the player’s answer matches what you have.

5. Have you ever
Write or print out a list of things a person might have done in their lives (traveled outside the country, flown in an airplane, cried at a movie, etc) and give a list to each guest. Have them talk to other guests and collect signatures from guests who have done something on the list. The catch is, a guest may only sign that they’ve done something once, and may only sign each guests list once. (ie: Lisa has flown in an airplane and has cried at a movie. Amy asks her to sign her paper. Lisa may sign that she has done one, but not both actions. Jenny asks Lisa to sign her paper, so Lisa may sign for the remaining action, but cannot sign the action she previously chose on Amy’s paper.) The person who collects the most signatures wins.

6. Guess who
Instruct guests to bring a baby photo of themselves to the shower. Place all photos in a focal point, such as the coffee table, and have guests try to match each baby photo to the guest they belong to. The winner is the person with most correct guesses.

7. Alphabet name game
Start the game by saying a baby name that starts with A. Have the person next to you continue with a B name, the next person with a C name and so forth. If a player cannot give a name within a couple seconds during their turn, they are out of the game. Keep going until one player remains. This gets tricky after a few rounds, especially with Q, X and Z names!

8. I’m going on a trip/I’m going to the delivery room
An old favorite game played on long bus rides. Play the baby version by having a guest (or yourself) start out by saying something along the lines of “I’m taking baby on a trip…” or “I’m going to the delivery room” and I’m bringing…then name a baby item (or a regular item if you find naming all baby items too difficult) that starts with A, like applesauce. The next person would repeat what the first person said, and add a B item “I’m taking baby on a trip and I’m bringing applesauce and a bib…”. If a guest finds they cannot remember all the previous items, or cannot think of one for their letter, they are out of the game. This gets VERY difficult the further into the alphabet you get! Award a prize to the last person still in the game.

9. Name scramble
Scramble some popular baby names, and have your guests try to unscramble. Here are some suggestions – Emily – limey, Madison – amsindo, Hailey – yalehi, Kaitlyn – anykilt, Hannah – ahhnna, Sarah – arash, Brianna – bannair, Ashley – halsey, Alexis – saxlie, Abigail – aliabig, Jacob – acjbo, Michael – claimhe, Matthew – themtaw, Joshua – suhaoj, Nicholas – chaosnil, Christopher – choirsperth, Joseph – peshoj, Ethan – thane, Andrew – wander, Daniel – nailed

10. Mad libs
Write a silly story about the parents-to-be and baby. Take out random words, then make a list for guests to replace the words you took out (without letting them hear the story first). Ask guests to write down a random noun, verb, pronoun, adjective, color, name, etc to match the missing words. Collect the guests answers, and read the story aloud, using the new words. These can get very funny, so you may want to keep the stories in your scrapbook after the party!

11. whisper chain
Have the person sitting next to mom-to-be whisper a bit of baby advice in the ear of the person sitting on the other side of her (not the mom-to-be). Have each person continue to whisper the advice to each other until it gets back around to mom, and have her say the advice she heard outloud. The purpose is that many times people will not hear the phrase correctly or forget before they pass it on, and by the time it gets to mom its completely jumbled up. Longer phrases work better as they are easier to get wrong.

12. Story go round
Have one person begin a story, such as “Once upon a time, a very sweet little baby was born…” and go around the room having guests add a bit to the story. Have someone to write down the story as it is told if you wish to keep it in mom’s scrapbook.

13. Guess her girth
One of the most popular baby shower games! Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper on hand for this one. Instruct guests to unroll a length of toilet paper (you can use ribbon or other similar item if you feel uncomfortable using toilet paper) that they believe will fit exactly around the waist of mom-to-be. Be warned though, many people overestimate vastly, so if mom is sensitive about her weight, this might not be the best game to try. Prizes awarded to the person who fits their paper exactly, or the closest to actual size of the mother-to-be.

14. Guess her girth – joke
Lead your guests into believing they are about to play the guess her girth game above. After all guests have pulled off their amount of toilet paper, tell them they instead have to give one bit of advice, or say one nice thing about mom-to-be for each square of paper they are holding.

15. Timer tell
Set a timer to go off every 10 or 15 minutes. When the timer sounds, have the person who is doing some designated action (holding a certain item, talking, standing) give a bit of advice or tell a special memory about the parents-to-be

16. Advice
Fold regular pieces of paper in half, one per guest. Have each guest write one baby question (how do you test to see if formula is too hot? What do you do if baby has a fever? etc) on one side of their paper. After everyone is done writing ONLY their question, have everyone fold the paper so that the question is hidden, and pass them one or two people to the right. Now instruct guests to write an answer to a random baby question without looking inside their paper to see what the actual question was on the outside of the paper. After everyone is done writing, have them open up their papers to reveal the question inside, then read the question AND answer aloud to the room. You’ll most likely get some hilarious results.

17. Memory tray game
Set out a tray of around 40 baby items (more or less if desired) in front of your guests for about a minute or two. Take the tray and items away, then have guests try to name (on paper) as many of the items as they can remember. Prize awarded to the person who remembered all, or the most, of the items.

18. Memory mommy game
Have mom-to-be leave the room suddenly, then ask guests a series of questions about her that they must answer on paper. Questions can be things such as ‘what color shirt was she wearing?’ ‘Did she have on jewelry?’ “Was her hair up, or down?’. Award a prize to the person who knew the most.

19. Skit/memory game

20. Who knows mommy best
Make sure all of your guests are on equal playing ground before doing this game. Someone who just met mom a few days ago would certainly not have a chance when playing against the mom-to-be’s parents.
Come up with 15-20 questions relating to mom-to-be, such as ‘what was her favorite childhood movie?’ ‘how many children does she want?’ ‘who was her elementary school crush?’. Award a prize to the person with the most correct answers.

21. Who knows mommy best w/daddy
Write two separate lists of questions, one about mom-to-be and one about dad-to-be. Questions can be things like “how many children does ____ want?” “What form of discipline does _____ plan to use?” and other things regarding parenting that a couple might disagree about. Give mom the questions about dad and vice versa to complete. Have them read the answers aloud and see how well their answers matched.

22. Parents to be trivia
Have guests answer a series of questions about the parents-to-be (where did they meet, what are their pet names for each other). Award prize to the person with the most correct answers.

23. Baby item bingo
Played like regular bingo, except subsitute the word bingo using a word like Storko or Burpo.

24. Acro
Come up with a series of random letters (ECBDMH, for instance) and have guests come up with acronyms, such as Every Cute Baby Deserves More Hugs. Prizes can be awarded for the most humorous answers.

25. Baby food guessing game
Take the labels off about 10-12 jars of baby food. Have guests try to determine what the flavor of baby food is (make sure you keep a record of what food is what). Awarded prizes for most correct answers. You could also have guests taste the baby food, but unless you’re really cruel, only use dessert flavors.

26. Kids say the darndest things

27. I remember
Have guests share special memories from their childhood, or of their own children. These may be written and kept, or shared out loud.

28. Baby item scramble
Scramble the names of baby items (such as rdipae = diaper) and have guests unscramble. Prize awarded to the player with most correct answers.

29. Draw a picture of baby
Have guests draw their best picture of a baby, and award prizes for best drawing, most humorous, most creative, etc. If your family and friends are anything like mine, you’ll want to save the pictures as blackmail when baby is older (“this is what Aunt Sue thought you would look like!”).

30. Story telling
Have guests write their own stories for baby. Save them in the baby’s scrapbook to read to him/her when he/she is older.

31. Memories of mommy
Have guests share their favorite memories of mom. Have extra tissues on hand for mom-to-be when she hears them

32. Onesie painting
Supply baby t-shirts or onesie outfits (plain white works best) and puff paints for your guests. Have them decorate a shirt any way they want, and keep the finished products either as a keepsake or for baby to wear.

33. Whats in the bag
Fill several small paper bags with one baby item each. Let guests hold the bags, but not peek inside, then write their best guess as to what the item inside each bag is. Award prize to the person with the most correct answers.

34. Name that poop
Fill baby diapers (real or made from napkins/paper) with things like crushed candy bars, rocky road ice cream, mustard, chocolate cake, etc. Have guests determine what each “poop” is.

35. Name that mommy
Using real or fictional mothers, have guests try to determine the famous moms using a series of hints. (ex : My son is the President = Barbara Bush. My 3 daughters all had hair of gold, like me = Carol Brady.)

36. Guess/suggest baby’s name
Depending on whether or not parents-to-be have decided on a name or not (works best if they have not told anyone what choices they’ve made) have guests suggest or try to guess the name of the baby.

37. I predict
Have guests write down their predictions for things such as baby’s birth weight, hair color, first word, future occupation, etc. To make it a humorous game, don’t tell the guests what they are choosing, simply ask them to name a color, number, occupation, etc and then fill in the blanks mad lib style.

38. Baby scratchcards

39. Captions
Cut out pictures of babies from various magazines and such, then have guests come up with captions for the photos. Funniest captions wins.

40. Inventions
Have guests invent (in theory, on paper) a new baby product (ie: automatic diaper changer). Prize awarded to the most creative/useful invention.

41. Nursery rhyme trivia
Have guests answer trivia questions about popular nursery rhymes such as “At what time did the mouse run down the clock?” “What did Jack Be Nimble jump over?” and “What kind of pie was Little Jack Horner eating?”.

42. Cartoon trivia
Like game above, only have guests answer questions about cartoon characters (ie: What town did Fred Flintstone live in? or Name all 3 PowerPuff Girls).

43. Write a letter to baby
Have guests write a letter to the baby. These should be saved in the baby’s scrapbook so (s)he can read them when (s)he’s older.

44. How many names can you make out of ____
Have guests try and come up with the most baby names from the combined names of the parents-to-be or a phrase such as “Thank you for coming to our baby shower today!”.

45. How many words can you make out of _____
Same as above game, only make words out of the phrase instead of baby names.

46. Advice
Have guests write their best baby advice and suggestions for the mother-to-be to keep and read after baby is born.

47. Is it real?
This is a sort of true or false game. Come up with a list of real baby products, and also some fake ones (such as automatic diaper changer mentioned above). The more wacky the real ideas, and reasonable the fake ideas, the better. Have guests determine if each product is real, or imaginary.

48. Who wants to be a mommy

49. Survivor

50. Blindfold drawing
Have guests try their hand at drawing a picture of a baby (or the couple to be) without looking. Not nearly as easy as it sounds.

51. Baby animals
Match the animals to their babies. (ie: Frog = tadpole Cow = calf) More animal babies can be found at Animal Babies

52. Price is right
Have guests try to determine the actual store price of 10-15 baby products. Prize awarded for most correct guesses.

53. Whats wrong with picture

54. Celeb baby name match
Have guests match the baby name to their celebrity parents. Celebrity baby names can be found here.

55. Tv/movie family trivia
Have guests answer trivia questions about tv/movie families. Example Question – Name all 6 Brady Kids.

56. Truth or dare

57. Mommy or Daddy?
Come up with a list of things that happened to either mom or dad-to-be (ie : broke their leg, had the measles, was on the debate team, had kermit the frog sheets) and have guests determine if each event happened to mom or dad. Prize awarded to the player with the most correct answers.

58. Baby song name that tune
Write out a line (or play if you have a cd player and childrens cd handy) from popular childrens songs, and have guests guess which song they are from.

59. Songs/movies with baby
Give guests a time limit to name as many songs/movies with the word Baby in the title as possible.

60. Scattergories
Give guests a minute or two to name as many things in a certain category as possible (ie: 2 minutes to write down baby names beginning with C)

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