Fun Baby Shower Action Games

baby shower celebrations with pregnant woman and friends

1. Pin the diaper on the babyUsing a large posterboard and a magic marker, draw a large picture of a baby. On a separate piece of paper, draw and cut out a picture of a diaper (or bottle, pacifier, rattle, etc) and stick double sided tape on the back. Blindfold your guests and have them … Read more

Baby Shower Door Prize & Raffle Games

image of mother and friends

1. What she said While the mom-to-be is opening her gifts, have someone make a list of things she says as she’s opening them, but don’t tell mom this is being done. After mom finishes, have the recorder read back to her everything she said, and remark that these were the same words she said … Read more

Bible Themed Baby Shower Games

image of a bible in a person's lap

1. Bible BabiesHave guests match the bible baby to their parents (example – Jesus to Mary and Joseph 2. Children’s Bible Lessons Who am I?Make a list of questions pertaining to Sunday School bible stories and have guests guess who the person is (example – I was swallowed by a whale = Jonah). 3. Worship Song Fill in … Read more