Baby Shower Cake Sayings


  • Straight from heaven up above
    a little child for us to love
  • Someone special, someone new
    __________ we love you!
  • Someone special, someone dear
    __________ is almost here!
  • Sweet as sugar, cute as pie
    __________ is the apple of our eye!
  • Bottles, booties, diapers, pins
    this is where the fun begins!
  • Little fingers, little toes
    everyday our love for you grows
  • Little hands and little feet
    Baby ______ is oh so sweet!
  • The big day is drawing near
    __________ is almost here!
  • Tiny baby, small and sweet
    Mom-to-be can’t see her feet!
  • Pink or blue, we do love you!
  • Pretty dresses, little curls
    oh thank heaven for little girls!
  • Planes and trains and tonka toys
    thank the Lord for little boys!
  • Children are gifts from God
  • When God’s love grows too big
    A child is born
  • Heaven is losing an angel
    and sending him/her to us
  • Our family is growing by two (four) feet!
  • Look out for Mr Stork!
  • Our love for you keeps growing stronger
    hurry we can’t wait much longer!
  • Mom and Dad are full of joy
    lets welcome their new girl or boy!
  • Nothings sweeter in all the world
    than a precious baby girl
  • 50% Mom 50% Dad
  • A gift of love
    from Heaven above
  • Happy Labor Day
  • To the mother-to-be
    and her sweet little pea
  • Welcome New Arrival
  • For the New Arrival
  • Congratulations Mom
  • For the Baby
  • Best of Baby Blessings
    to the __________ Family
  • Our family is growing by two ( or four) feet!
  • Precious little child, snuggled warm and tightly
    we can’t wait until you’re here
    to kiss and cuddle nightly


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