Bible Themed Baby Shower Games

1. Bible Babies
Have guests match the bible baby to their parents (example – Jesus to Mary and Joseph

2. Children’s Bible Lessons Who am I?
Make a list of questions pertaining to Sunday School bible stories and have guests guess who the person is (example – I was swallowed by a whale = Jonah).

3. Worship Song Fill in the Blank
Start off a line of a popular childrens worship song and have guests either write down or sing the rest of the song (example – this little light of mine, I’m gonna ______).

4. Building Blocks of Life
Get a large stack of baby blocks, and have guests take turns stacking them. Each time a guest stacks a block, have them tell what they believe is an important building block of life (ie : having faith or good sense of humor). If a guest fails to name something, they’re out. The winner is the last person to stack a block BEFORE the stack falls (not the guest who topples the stack).

5. Go Tell it on the Mountain
This mountain being the center or front of the room. Have each guest stand up and tell something good about themselves, or about the parents-to-be.

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