80 Baby Shower Theme Ideas

1. Mommy Shower
Does mom-to-be already have everything she needs for baby, but you still want to celebrate this special occasion? Why not throw a Mommy Shower? Instruct guests to bring gifts for mom herself (bath and beauty products, gift certificates, etc)

2. Daddy Shower
Why leave dad out of the fun? Invite the guys over for a backyard barbecue, and have guests bring daddy essentials (diapers, gag gifts – see daddy survival kit on how-to page, etc).

3. Sibling shower
One of the biggest issues when having a new baby is how to make the older siblings feel special. Why not throw them their own Big Brother/Sister shower? Invite all their friends and family, serve pizza and hot dogs and shower the sibling-to-be with gifts that let him/her help mom with the new baby (such as books, their own baby doll with accessories to take care of, etc).

4. Grandparents Shower
Is someone you know about to become a grandparent? Show them how much you care by throwing a mini-party for them. Gifts can include items for the new grandparents to keep at their house when the baby is with them.

5. Couples shower
Traditionally, men have been left out of all the baby fun. Why keep them out any longer? Invite the guys, play team games and let them carry out the big bags of gifts!

6. Twins/Multiples
Double the diapers, double the fun, a great baby shower but not for just one! Noah had the right idea when he doubled up on everything!

7. Maternity Shower
Too early for a baby shower, but you just can’t wait any longer? Shower mom-to-be with maternity essentials, such as books and clothes.

8. Office Shower
Turn the office break room into party central for your expecting co-worker. Foods should be kept simple such as chips, dips, party trays and cake. Streamers and balloons can be used to decorate (you’ll want something you can set up and take down in a hurry).

9. Virtual Shower
All your friends and relatives live far away, or have a special online friend you’d like to throw a party for? Throw a virtual shower! Mommy Party has a great website set up that will take you through every aspect of your virtual shower, including setting up games, invitations, a place for your shower and more!

10. Mail in Shower
Parents-to-be live out of town? Videotape a nice greeting message from each of your would-be guests, and mail it (along with any gifts) to the expecting couple. Its not quite the same, but can sure ease the hurt of not having a real shower with their families.

11. Breakfast/Lunch/Brunch/Dinner
Depending on what time of day you wish to throw the shower, the menu can determine the theme. From a light breakfast to an elegant sit down dinner, guests are sure to get their fill. Make reservations early if you plan to book a restaurant, and find out what they allow as far as decorations are concerned.

12. Picnic/BBQ
Perfect for those summer months! Set up your own backyard affair, or reserve a picnic/camping area. Hamburgers and barbecue are a must, and outside games (especially those involving water balloons) will be a huge hit!

13. Family Tree
What better reason for family to get together than to celebrate a new addition to the family tree? This type of shower might best be held after the baby is born, as relatives are sure to want to see the little one. Have each relative write a letter to baby, and give any info that might help trace baby’s family tree. Genealogy software is a great gift, and baby trees make great favors!

14. Tea Party
A grand theme for couples expecting a little girl. Dust off the teapots and bring on the delicate pastries! Of course, who could forget the tea?

15. Angel
A perfect theme for those church group showers. A great (angel food?) cake inscription would be “Heaven is losing an angel, and giving him/her to us”.

16. Holiday

17. You are my sunshine

18. Lil Buckaroo
Dust off your boots and saddle up for this shower theme. Have guest don their best rodeo gear for a fun game of diaper (package) roping! Barbeque, Texan style chili and hamburgers with all the fixins are a must.

19. Just like Mommy/Daddy
Is baby going to be a doctor like daddy or a lawyer like mom? Decorate for your shower centering around the parents-to-be’s occupation.

20. Mom’s night out
Who says baby showers have to be traditional sit down party game events? Grab your girlfriends and spend a night out on the town!

21. Vacation/Get Away
Who needs a traditional baby shower? Plan a weekend of relaxation and fun for the couple-to-be. It may be their last chance for a long time!

22. Pamper me
We all need a little pampering now and then. Mom-to-be, the guests and yourself deserve a little as well! Instead of party games, treat yourselves to facials, manicures and pedicures. Gifts and prizes can include bath/beauty and relaxation items.

23. Recipe Shower
Instead of a card, ask guests to bring their favorite easy-to-make recipes for mom-to-be to use after the little one arrives.

24. Pitch in Party
Got some great friends who don’t mind getting their hands dirty? Invite them over to help the proud parents decorate the nursery and assemble the baby furniture! Reward them well with great food and door prizes.

25. Sweet as Sugar
Sugar and spice and everything nice, thats what little girls are made of! And won’t that be obvious with this cavity inducing theme. Decorate with real and/or novelty candies, serve tons of sugary confections and make sure to send your guests home with enough sweet stuff to keep their dentists smiling for months!

26. Pink/Blue
If the expecting couple knows what gender the baby will be, decorate accordingly. Pink or blue decorations, matching food, and even matching gifts/prizes will be a great addition to this theme.

27. Time of Day
In the invitations, assign each guest a random time of day (breakfast, nap-time, playtime or actual clock times) and have them bring an appropriate gift (blankets for nap-time, toys for playtime).

28. Room
like the time theme above, only assign guests different rooms (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen) and have them buy appropriate gifts baby might need in said room.

29. We’re with ya!
Have the guests show up in their ugliest “comfy” clothes (sweat pants and baggy shirts). Serve “stuffed” foods, and play a good game of stuff your shirt!

30. Surprise
Can’t resist a good surprise? This is the theme for you. Just like any other shower, except the mom-to-be doesn’t realize she’s having one until she’s there! Make extra sure beforehand that the expecting couple is up for a shower, and that they dont have alternate plans. Keep in mind also, some people just don’t like surprises!

31. Baby Animals
Who doesn’t love little baby animals? Bring out all of your stuffed animals to use as decorations, play a game of “baby animal match”, serve pigs in a blanket as appetizers and send your guests home with decorated bags of animal cookies!

32. Circus
Send in the clowns for the greatest baby shower theme on earth! Watch out for the stuffed animals lurking about as decorations. Have your guests test their abilities with games such as diaper stacking and bottle ring toss. Animal crackers in cute decorated bags make cute prizes!

33. It’s a Zoo
Like the baby animals theme above, only using zoo type animals as decorations. Play action games to have your guests behaving like wild animals, and roaring with laughter!

34. Famous Firsts
Have guests bring gifts centered around baby’s firsts (ie: baby’s first outing, baby’s first bath, baby’s first book)

35. Bath-time baby
Rub a dub dub, a theme you will love! Rubber duckies run wild as decorations in this theme. Put them on tables, use them as balloon weights, even float clean ones in the punch bowl! The lucky ducky game will be a huge hit, and ducky shaped soaps are a great party favor! As a centerpiece, the bath time baby is wonderful. Instructions on making this adorable decoration can be found on the how-to page.

36. Necessities Shower
Mom-to-be in need of the bare essentials? Instruct guests to bring the basics, like diapers and formula as gifts.

37. Knowledge is Power Shower
Have guest bring educational gifts, and/or a book in lieu of a card. Trivia/knowledge type games are the perfect type to play.

38. College Fund Shower
Set up a wishing well for guests to donate towards baby-to-be’s college education. It’s never too early to think ahead! Can be combined with theme above.

39. Be great, Donate
Parents-to-be already have everything imaginable? Well, how about donating your time and items to a baby/maternity charity drive? There are too many moms and moms-to-be out there who have absolutely nothing, and would sure appreciate the help!

40. Rainy Days Shower
What could be a better theme for a shower than, well, a shower? Decorate umbrellas (regular and/or mini) and hang upside down from the ceiling (fill with balloons and items), or place on tables. Raindrops can be easily made out of blue paper.

41. Luxury shower
With all the stresses and strains of being a new parent, how about asking guests to bring gifts that will make the parents-to-be’s job a little easier? Diaper Genies, baby slings, bottle/wipes warmers and similar items are perfect for this shower theme. And why not reward your guests’ generosity by giving gift certificates as prizes?

42. Flower Power Shower
Flowers, flowers and more flowers! Use either real flower arrangements or make your own out of baby socks (instructions on how-to page) to decorate for this floral festivity.

43. Sports
Throwing a shower for dad? Why not center the theme around his favorite sport, or sports team?

44. Fill Her Freezer
What new mom has time to cook? In addition to, or in lieu of gifts, have guests bring a tasty dish that mom can stick in her freezer and serve on those days she’s just too tired to prepare a meal.

45. That’s Entertainment
New parents so rarely get any good entertainment. Use a Hollywood/Broadway style when planning your shower. Play a game of “who am I?” “guess the famous mom” “movies with baby” and “tv/movie family trivia”. As decorations, nothing is more fitting than stars! Gifts and prizes may include movie theater/rental gift certificates.

46. Diaper Shower
Especially popular for daddy showers, have guests come bearing a package of pampers (or whatever brand the parents-to-be wish to use). Diaper cakes, diaper nut cups, and cloth diapers as placemats or painted and hung up make great decorations. There are tons of great games that include diapers to play as well!

47. Once upon a time
Make your favorite storybook/fairytale characters come alive when planning this theme. For added effect, have guests come dressed as their favorite storybook character. Menu may include – 3 Little Pigs in a Blanket; Snow White’s Apple Crumb Cake; Jack’s Bean Salad; Princess and the Pea’s Chickpea Spread; and of course, candies and sweets courtesy of Hansel and Gretel! Recipes to be added very soon.

48. Royalty

49. Crafty
Who needs games when you can put your guests to work making great crafts such as scrapbooks, time capsules and decorated clothing at the shower?

50. Good as New
Mom not picky about having brand new designer gifts for her baby? Let guests bring previously used, but still in good condition, items as gifts.

51. Boy Shower
Parents already know its going to be a bouncing baby boy? Blue decorations, blue foods, cars and trucks and all sorts of boy stuff can be used in this theme. And don’t let the parents-to-be leave without a game of “Pin the diaper on the baby BOY!”

52. Girl shower
Think pink, and lots of it. Lots of lace, ribbons and bows will add girly charm to your shower. If you have spare baby dolls and other stereotypical girl stuff, bring it out!

53. Character Theme
Have a favorite children’s character in mind? Well, invite Pooh, Mickey, Sponge bob, Strawberry Shortcake or whoever you choose to be the focal point of your shower! You should have no problems finding decorations to match your theme in any party store (children’s birthday party goods work just as well, just make sure they don’t say “happy birthday” on them!)

54. Nursery Theme
Already know how mom-to-be wants to decorate the baby’s nursery? Expand on her ideas and decorate using the nursery theme.

55. My favorite things
Have guests bring something that was a favorite of theirs from their childhood for the new baby. Books, movies, security blanket and etc make great gifts with added special meaning.

56. Memories
Similar to the theme above, have guests bring something special that reminds them of their childhood, or of the expecting parents. Decorate using old photos of the new parents (and baby’s siblings if applicable). Have guests share their special childhood memories at the shower (have them write it on paper if you wish to save for the baby’s scrapbook).

57. Look into the future
What will baby’s future hold? Well, no one can say for sure, but won’t it be fun to guess? Play games centered around guessing what baby will be like in the future (immediate or distant). Decorations can be done in a Star Trek-ish or mystic theme. Guests can be instructed to bring gifts that baby will be able to use down the road (saving bonds, time capsules, books to make baby smarter, or even just larger sized baby clothes will work fine). For extra fun, why not hire a psychic or palm reader for entertainment purposes only? If the psychic thing doesn’t sit right with you, just have a friend or family member pretend to have ‘the power’.

58. Garden Shower
Got a lovely garden/patio area and anxious to show it off? Garden showers can be a breath of fresh air! Serve light foods such as pastries and hors d’oeuvres, with iced tea or lemonade. Flowers make perfect decorations. As prizes, personalized seed packets are perfect.

59. Earth First
Tree huggers unite for this environmentally correct shower. Serve organic foods, plant a tree, and give out seed packets as prizes. Don’t forget to tell the guests that cloth diapers, breastfeeding supplies and cards printed on recycled paper are a must!

60. Under the Sea
Prove to your guests that is IS better down where its wetter! Blue and green balloons and streamers, and tropical fish cutouts will transform your party into an undersea adventure. If you have a pool available, make use of it! Water games such as “don’t drop baby” and “my water broke” fit perfectly. As far as food goes, what else? Fish!

61. Noah’s Ark
Two by two, here they come, this baby shower theme is so much fun! This is an extremely popular theme for twin showers. Be sure to invite the guys to this one, as couples showers are twice as nice. Double the decorations, especially the stuffed animal kind and double the party favors for your guests! Noah’s Ark themed shower decorations are in abundance at most party supply shops, so you should have no trouble finding great stuff.

62. Old McDonald’s farm

63. Twinkle little star

64. Mother Goose
No childhood is complete without learning the rhymes of dear Mother Goose. Invite the guys for a “Jack and Jill” shower. Decorate with popular nursery rhyme characters such as the cow who jumped over the moon, jack be nimble’s candlesticks, mary’s little lamb, twinkle little stars (either star shaped items or twinkle lights), etc. Great recipes can include – Humpty Dumpty’s Egg Salad Sandwiches; Three Blind Mice Cheese Logs; Hot Cross Buns; Blackbird (black berry) Pie; Cottage Cheese Fruit Dip (curds and whey); Queen of Hearts Tarts; Little Piggy’s Roast Beef Salad; Peter Peter’s Mini Pumpkins; and Little Boy Blue’s Butterscotch Haystacks. All recipes will be added very shortly. Don’t forget to mark the cake with a B for baby and me!

65. Safety Shower
Gifts for this theme center around baby safety. BabyShowerGamesAtoZ.com has great packaged games to make your safety shower a huge hit.

66. Got Milk?
This is similar to the diaper shower, however guests are invited to bring bottles and formula in leiu of, or in addition to, other gifts.

67. All about Baby
Use all sorts of baby items to decorate for this theme (bottles, diapers, toys, larger items can be used to display gifts). Serve drinks inside baby bottles (with the top of the nipple cut off) and use cloth diapers as placemats. Play baby trivia games to find out which of your guests knows the most about baby.

68. Over the Rainbow
Why pick one or two colors to decorate your baby shower, when you can pick them all! Assign guests a random color, and have them shop for a gift matching that hue.

69. Tropical Paradise
Who can resist a backyard luau party? Luau items such as grass skirts and leis, as well as drink umbrellas and pineapple drinking glasses can be purchased at most party stores. Hawaiian style food (ham, pineapple recipes) go great. Local bird clubs might be able to help you find bird trainers with tame/trained parrots to join you at your party (please don’t purchase birds for the sole purpose of shower entertainment).

70. Ages and Stages
Assign a random age or developmental stage from newborn – 5 years inside invitations, and have your guests bring a gift appropriate for that age group.

71. Drop-in
Do you find it hard to plan your baby shower because your guests have completely different time schedules? A drop-in shower might be perfect for you. Set up a set time period, say between noon-7pm, and tell guests they are free to pop in between those times. Guests can stay as long or short as they’d like. Have appetizers and drinks on hand, as well as goody bags, for your visitors.

72. Music to our Ears
Experts now say that playing music for baby from pregnancy until after birth can increase the child’s brain capabilities. Having guests bring musical gifts could result in a brighter baby! “Baby song name that tune”, “baby song musical chairs” and “Songs with Baby” would be great games to play for this theme.

73. Caboose
When mom has a second child many years after her first, this is sometimes referred to as a “caboose” baby. I can’t think of a more fitting theme than trains to celebrate mama’s little caboose!

74. Sweet Dreams
Almost nothing is more important to new parents than a good nights sleep. Have guests bring gifts that promote peaceful slumber for either the new parents or their little one.

75. Costume
Have guests arrive dressed as their favorite children’s character.

76. Happy Birthday
What better way to celebrate a birth than a birthday party? Don’t forget the birthday cake!

77. Labor of Love
Have guests bring gifts that will help mom out during the childbirth. EarthMama AngelBaby.com has great gift ideas for this theme.

78. Sweet heart
This is especially fun and easy for showers close to Valentines day. Decorate with heart shaped items of all sorts, and serve all sorts of sugary sweet foods.

79. This is your life
Mom-to-be is all grown up now, and about to bring a new life into this world. Why not celebrate mom’s life by sharing memories from her past, old photographs and even home movie clips from her childhood. Bring out any items the guest of honor’s parents might’ve kept from her youth, and maybe even track down some of her long lost loved ones for a little reunion!

80. ABC’s and 123’s
Great for a teacher’s baby shower! Decorate with alphabet blocks and letters. Serve foods for each (or most) letters of the alphabet. Assign guests a random letter and have them buy a gift starting with that letter.

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